Polar RS200
Producer: Polar ( Suomija)
Packing: 1 un.
152.05 €   525.03LT

Polar RS200 Running Computers are for goal-oriented runners. Including a variety of running-specific features together with all the essential heart rate functions e.g. Polar sport zones and ZoneLock. The Polar RS200sd comes with Polar S1 foot pod for detailed speed/pace and distance tracking.

For runners who are training for a running event or want to enhance their running experience.

Polar sport zones
Helps you to train at the right intensity.

Polar sport zones provides an easy way to select and monitor the intensity of your training and to follow Polar’s sport zones based training programs. The training is divided into five zones based on percentages of your maximum heart rate: very light (50-60%HRmax), light (60-70% HRmax), moderate (70-80%HRmax), hard (80-90% HRmax) and maximum (90-100% HRmax).
Makes it easy to stay in your target zone.

A visible and moving symbol on the display of your Polar product indicating that you are inside the pre-set target zone.
Simply the easiest way to set a target zone.

You can activate a target zone with a press of a button during your run. You can also deactivate the zone alarm just as easily – by pressing a button.
Event Countdown Timer
Set your goal and stay motivated.

Keeps your motivation high by showing how many days are left before your next running event (e.g. Berlin 23 days).
Interval trainer (HR, pace, distance) guided workouts
Create your personal multizone workouts with heart rate/speed/
distance and timing guidance.

Allows you to create and name your own favorite workouts based on time, heart rate, speed/pace* or distance* guidance with up to three linked timers or distances and up to three target zones.

* requires optional Polar s1 foot pod or Polar S3 stride sensor.